Objective And Subjective Elements Of Crime


This paper requires you to analyze a social problem(Crime).You have already identified a social problem for
analysis. You have studied the objective element and subjective element of a social problem.You have studied the four major sociological theoretical perspectives in Introduction to Sociology.
For the social problem you identified, in your paper you will complete the following steps:
1. Define the social problem using your own words.
2. Provide at least
two real examples of the social problem.
3. Describe the objective element of the social problem.
4. Describe the subjective element of the social problem.
5. The four major sociological theoretical perspectives are: Structural-functionalism, conflict
theory, symbolic-interactionism, and post-modernism. Describe how
two of those four
theoretical perspectives explain the causes of the social problem.
6. Describe at least
two possible solutions to the social problem.
Formatting: The paper should be at least four pages, double-spaced. Use one-inch margins and Arial or
Times New Roman font, 12-point font size.
Paper should be a word document or pdf attachment.

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