Organization U.S. Government (History Paper)


Choose two if the following four questions. Wrote a four page essay on each question.
Due April 17th, 2018
What is the argument for the extended republic, or large republic, in Federalist 10? How is the
problem of faction to be managed?
2. What is the argument for the separation powers in Federalist 47, 48, and 51? How is the
theory of separation powers put into practice in the Constitution?
3. What is the argument for the constitutional role of an independent Supreme Court in Federalist
4. What is the argument for a unitary and vigorous executive of sufficient duration in Federalist
Extra Credit: What is the core of Thomas West’s account of the founders’ approach to foreign
policy? (This is the article I sent to you today which we will discuss Friday.)
Please pay attention for the first 2 questions you choose over the extra credit. For reference use
the Federalist papers

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