Organizational Behavior: Personal Reflection


Organizational Behavior: Personal Reflection

The ability to reflect upon your experiences, build upon and learn from them are key components in both professional and organizational development.

You will be asked to turn in this assignment to connect your own work experiences with that of what you have learned from this class.

Presenters Reflections – You will hear from several speakers throughout the course discussing a range of topics. They will discuss their experiences first-hand and encourage discussion and reflection in your areas of work.

Your paper should be at least 5 pages in length and should connect your learning, reflection or experiences to the speaker(s) that you associated with the most.

It should have a clear topic and you should support your observations by drawing on selected readings, discussions and course frameworks.

Please don’t watch complete videos for assignment , just watch it based on timing I have mentioned.

I will send two more speaker videos

Please follow the attached writing instructions
12″ font, double spaced, 1″ margin, APA citation


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