Organizational Strategic Plan Assessment


Organizational Strategic Plan Assessment

Compare and critique an existing strategic plan from a local government or nonprofit agency of
your choice (City of Tampa’s Urban Development departments locational assessment . Your
group will thoroughly review and examine the quality and components of the strategic plan,
assess its viability, how it will meet the organization’s (or community’s) needs (or fail to meet the
needs, if so determined), and how effective you believe it will be in achieving its goals, mission
and vision.

please answer the question below.
1.) Identify and analyze the social/environmental/economic issues faced by the
agency/department/program 2 pages
Discuss and develop an argument as to why these issues are important to this
agency/department/program. To do this you need to identify data to support your argument
including news articles, background literature, qualitative and quantitative data. Place this
information within the larger social/environmental/economic context How does the
agency/department/program address these issues?
2.) Assess how active the organization was in gaining input from relevant stakeholder groups
and community interests. 2 pages
What methodologies did the organization use? If given the opportunity, would your group use the
same techniques for collecting data or use other techniques?

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