Physics Lab Report: Reflection and Refraction


Physics Lab Report: Reflection and Refraction

Reflection and Refraction

Reflection and refraction are two commonly observed optical properties of light. Whenever a light strikes the surface of some material at an angle, part of the wave is reflected and part is transmitted (or absorbed). The reflection of light rays from a plane surface such as a glass plate or a plane mirror is described by the law of reflection:

The angle of incidence (θi) is equal to the angle of reflection (θr).

These angles are measured from a line perpendicular or normal to the reflecting surface.

  1. Reflection

Glass Plate as a Mirror

  1. Place a sheet of white paper on the pin board.
  2. Draw a center line on white paper and Place the candle in front of mirror. [mirror should be perpendicular to the white paper]
  3. Turn on the candle with a lighter
  4. Draw the line from candle to mirror (normal Line).
  5. Move your eye to the observing position so that you see a reflection of the candle in the mirror and try to put the dot on paper wherever you see the image. (right side)
  6. Repeat # 4 from left side.
  7. Remove the equipment from the paper.
  8. Draw straight lines through the pair of points
  9. Label the angles of incidence and reflection.
  10. Measure these two angles


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