Political Organization Of The Southern Utes Tribe


Guidelines for paper: SOUTHERN UTES TRIBE

The term paper will involve a detailed analysis of a modern tribal government. In your paper, you should address the following issues.

-How was the tribe/nation politically organized in the past? In other words, how did the nation govern themselves before the adoption of modern political structures?

-How large is the tribal membership? How much land (both reservation and non-reservation) does the tribe own? Is the tribe federally recognized? What are the primary economic areas for the nation?

-How is the tribal government constituted currently? What is the structure of its legislative, executive, and judicial branches? Does the nation’s constitution provide for any unusual or distinctive political functions?

-Are there any treaties that limit the nation’s government? Are there any compacts that the tribe has entered into with federal or state governments?

-Most important: According to your research, how effective is your nation’s government? Do you think that the nation’s political structures and actors are functioning well? If not, which areas could use improvement?

IMPORTANT: You may use any citation format you prefer, but you MUST provide citations to sources within the text of your paper. In other words, simply providing a bibliography is not enough. You must provide citations or footnotes within the body of your paper so that I can tell which language/facts are yours and which language/facts come from outside sources. Remember, you must provide a citation to a source if you quote language from that source in your paper or if you use a fact from the source

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