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Behavioral Science class, on the topic of “Social media is a wedge of bad influence on people; it keeps them from civilly interacting with one another. ” The research dictates the following facts:

A- Personal perception of oneself is affected by social media and its effects (male/female/lifestyle and money)
B- Social media hinders our communication skills (Decreases language skill capacity/ creates social Isolation/reduce the number of relationships
C-has overall negative contributions of the above factors to the decline of your health (physical and mental).

Within this intro, there must be statistics in addition to the references. I have placed below my intro w/o the references/statistics I have also attached a sample of how he would like the statistics and references inputted in the paragraph and filed on the reference listing.


We are individuals that are, although independent, allow our surroundings to influence our minds and choices that we make. These combined factors that we are exposed to daily that allow us to
interact with one another in a way that is not always the best ripple
effect results in undesirable health results overall in the human body. The combination of these factors are responsible for the disconnect in humans. Throughout our survey we will show the negative effects of social media on people. These effects can be seen from old to young, has progressively spilled into all areas of life. This is caused by the amount of time that people have allowed social media to spend in their life allowing it to become an acceptable CenterPoint of daily living equal to breathing.

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