Power point presentation & excel submission



Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings.


This Assignment requires you to use Excel. Make sure you also submit the Excel file to show your work. You will receive a 100-point deduction if you fail to include the Excel file showing your work.




Place all calculations for each of the questions on a separate worksheet. Then, using the results of your work from Excel, prepare PowerPoint slides to answer the questions in a presentation format. All relevant content should be on the slides; do not use the notes section or leave information in the Excel file. The executives reviewing the presentation should not need to switch to another document to see the required information. The data you need is linked from the spreadsheet icon in the course. Make sure to use that file.






For your final, you will be analyzing the “Colonial Broadcasting” case. Begin by reading the description in the case. Then, answer the questions listed below, NOT the questions listed in the case. Ignore everything in the case after the end of page 4.


The executives at CBC want to see how they are doing in ratings against the other networks and how the ratings will continue to change in the upcoming months. They also want to know if hiring stars makes a difference and the impact of fact-based programming compared to hiring stars. You will create a PowerPoint presentation to answer the questions below. Remember that your audience is the management of CBC. Therefore, make sure your presentation is professional and provides sufficient explanation.




1. Answer the following questions:


a. What is the average rating for all CBC movies? How about ABN movies and BBS movies?


b. Include a table that shows the average and the other descriptive statistics (using the data analysis toolpack in Excel) for the ratings of the three networks (one column for each network). Explain what you learn from each of the metrics in the table.


c. Comment on which network is doing best.




2. Create a line graph of the monthly average ratings for CBC for the year. Note that there are multiple ratings data for the months; you will need to calculate an average for each month first, and then plot the averages. After you create the graph, fit a linear trend line, displaying the formula and the r-squared. Explain to the executives if you can use this time series data to forecast the ratings of upcoming months. How accurate can you expect this forecast to be?




3. Should the CBC hire stars for their movies? To answer this question, run a hypothesis test to see if there is a significant difference between the ratings of movies with stars versus movies without stars. Use the data for CBC movies only. Use 95% confidence. Answer the following:


a. What are the null and alternative hypotheses (state in full sentences)?


b. Run the test using Excel and include the output table. Use a t-test assuming equal variances.


c. What is your recommendation to the executives? Justify your answer referring to the relevant figures.




4. Run a multiple regression where the dependent variable is ratings and the independent variables are star and fact. Use data from CBC only. CBC Management has several questions:


a. Which has more impact on a movie’s rating: Being fact-based or having one star? How much does each of these factors change the ratings?


b. How well does this regression analysis explain the ratings? Justify your answers referring to the relevant figures.

c. Are either, both, or neither of the independent variables significantly related to the ratings at 95% confidence? Justify your answers referring to the relevant figures.

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