President Hoover’s Actions Or Inaction For The Great Depression


Discussion #8: Where should we place the blame?
Where should we place the blame? Economists believe the Great Depression was caused by the weaknesses in the 1920s economy, but the person whose name will be forever linked to the depression is President Herbert Hoover. Personally blaming him for the crisis, Americans started to call the shantytowns set up by unemployed people “Hoovervilles.”
In order to prepare for this discussion forum: line-height:
Review and identify the relevant sections of Chapter 25 that address these topics and support your discussion.
Read the linked essay DEBATING THE PAST: CAUSES OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION: Where Historians Disagree
Read America’s Great Depression:
Read Digital History: Sections Why it Happened to President Hoover
After you have completed your readings post your response to only ONE of the following questions.
Hoover’s presidency will be forever shadowed by the Great Depression. Is it fair to blame Hoover’s actions or inaction for the Great Depression?
Should we compare Presidents Hoover and President Roosevelt’s attempts to deal with the depression?

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