Principles of Marketing Paper


Principles of Marketing Paper

The students of this course need to conduct a research to assess the value addition of new distribution
method ‘online teaching’ adopted by the educational institutions for delivering service to their
customers (students) in United Arab Emirates. The results of the study will draw conclusions and
recommendations for improving the value delivery to the customers in uncertain conditions.
The students work will be assessed on following criteria:
A. Report (in pdf format) (10 Marks)
B. Survey Data (in excel) (05 Marks)
Project Weekly Assignments:
A. Week of March 29
th to April 2
nd Get Survey Approval
B. Week of November 8th to January 8th Data Collection
C. Week of December 14th to January 14th Report Writing
Formatting Guidelines:
a. Use Times New Roman Font with 12 size and one-line spacing.
b. Use 1 inch margin for the pages with portrait orientation.
c. Follow APA (American Psychological Association) Style in referencing and document layout.
✓ ONLY approved questionnaire by the faculty will be used for collecting data.
✓ Report will be marked on the rubric given within.
✓ Zero tolerance for the plagiarism. References and titles will not be considered in plagiarism
Tentative Steps involved in Project completion:
Step 1: Get the approved questions and create online survey using google forms, monkey survey etc.
Step 2: Get the google forms survey approved by the teacher by sending the url on
Step 3: Use the survey url to collect the data from the target population of higher educational
institutions’ students. E.g. Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, emails, text messaging,
Step 4: Submit the excel sheet.
Step 5: Conduct analysis and start writing report.
Step 6: Submit Report on given deadline.
Report Contents:
1. Cover page of the Project Must include:
a. University Logo
b. Faculty Name
c. Students Name
d. Semester & Submission Date
2. The report written on the research conducted must be inclusive of the following sections
(detailed recommendations attached):
a. Introduction
b. Literature Review
c. Survey Conducted
d. Analysis of Findings (graphs)
e. Recommendations & Conclusion
f. References
3. Data collected from the Study Respondents need to be documented in Excel sheet with proper
reference to the questionnaire items and MUST be submitted with project report as annexure.
The minimum number of respondents to be interviewed are 40 per group (05 Marks)

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