Psychosocial Impact Of Chronic Illness On People With That Disease


Assessment: 1000 Words

Purpose: This assessment task will enable you to investigate the psychosocial impact of chronic illness on the person living with the illness. It will also facilitate the investigation of evidence-based nursing care strategies as well as researching the importance of care partnerships between the nurse and the patient.

Topic background:

Living with chronic illness not only impacts the person physically, it may also have a significant impact on the psychological and social elements of a persons’ life. Recognition that psychological and social factors shape the person’s experience of chronic illness, creates the need for nurses to develop effective care partnerships with their patients and clients (Chang & Johnson, 2018).

Assignment Questions:

  1. Discuss the most significant psychosocial impacts of a chronic illness on a person who is living with that particular illness. You may select any chronic illness for this assignment, including any from the unit content. Alternatively, you can describe the psychosocial impact of chronic illness in general (400 words).
  2. Describe two (2), evidence based supportive nursing care strategies that the nurse could use when caring for a person living with a chronic illness (300 words).
  3. Discuss the importance of care partnerships in promoting positive health outcomes for people living with chronic illness (300 words).

Instructions for this assessment task:

To be successful with this assessment task you are strongly advised to:

  • Draw upon relevant recommended readings, cloud concepts, literature published within the last 10 years and content provided in this unit.
  • Identify relevant literature, which should mainly include peer reviewed journal articles. The prescribed textbook and the recommended readings in the unit are a good place to start. References to Wikipedia, and .com sites are not appropriate for this assessment task.
  • Headings related to each question should be used for this assessment task


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