Psychotherapy Notes for Patients


Psychotherapy Notes for Patients

Needed are Individual Psychotherapy Notes on 26 different patients, each one page long, all
notes must cover the following
o Date of service (Jan 30 – Mar 24)
o Age/Sex (18-55)
o Diagnoses – This is a drug and alcohol treatment program. Required diagnoses should
include: Alcohol use disorder; Cannabis use disorder; Opioid use disorder; Sedative, Hypnotic, or
Anxiolytic Disorder; Stimulant use disorder; Some may also be dual diagnosis with one or more
of the aforementioned required disorders, in conjunction with a Depression, anxiety, or bipolar
o The time spent providing face-to-face psychotherapy with the patient (45min – 1 hour)
o The type of therapeutic intervention (for example, insight oriented, supportive, behavior
modification etc..)
o Target symptoms (cravings, seeking behaviors, low motivation, low energy, ect..) (depression,
or anxiety related symptoms, ect..)
o Progress toward achievement of treatment goals (decreasing cravings, anxiety, thoughts of
helplessness/worthlessness, ect..)
o The degree of patient interaction with the therapist
o The reaction of the patient to the therapy session
o Any changes in the patient’s symptoms or behavior as a result of the therapy session

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