Radiation Protection and Biology


Radiation Protection and Biology

Due date: 16 January, 2019

Subject: In this comparative essay, students will research 2 different groups affected in the past
by radiation. Students will also be asked to identify a situation in which radiation protection
standards were lacking in the past 15 years.
Students will identify and compare:
*The history surrounding each groups exposure to radiation
*The genetic and somatic effects that each group exhibited
*Were any radiation protection standards altered after these groups were studied
*What, if any, impact those groups had on the future of radiation protection

*Students will also identify a situation in the past 15 or so years that will showcase unsafe
radiation practices. You will discuss this situation and what you believe will be the effects of the
situation describe on the future of radiation protection.
You are to use sources that are viable and credible (the use of Wikipedia is not permitted).
Sources can be books, articles, websites, scholarly journals, etc.
Grading Criteria
Organization – 30 points How is the paper assembled? Is there a title page? Is there an
introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion? Is the writing style clear and understandable to
the reader?
Content – 20 points Is the information that is provided viable to the paper? Does the information
that is researched add discussion value to the topic? Are you able to adequately present the
information to the reader? Is a comparison done that demonstrates the students knowledge?
Citing the source(s) – 20 points Citing sources using APA formatting. You will provide a reference
page in APA format that will showcase all sources that you use within the paper. In-Paper citing
is also a requirement when using information from the text. You will also include a reference
page. More information about citing can be found at:
Feel – 10 points does the paper provide insight from YOUR thoughts? You will be required to
provide your thoughts on the topic you selected. Either what you feel after you have researched
the topic or how you feel about specific parts found in the paper.

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