Reasons Why Amphibians Are Considered In Medical Science To Be “Little Gold Mines”



PBS video found on You tube:   To see full video go to:


  1. Frogs have managed to navigate life on Earth for more than __________ million years.
  2. These diminutive time travelers survived the ______________, ____________, & ___________, adapting in ways that have boggled the wild.
  3. Today, how many amphibian species are presently in decline? ________________
  4. Cape Cod National Sea Shore: What problem has occurred?  What are the precaution efforts?
  5. Describe at least three different examples from the video of posing issues these “super survivor” frogs and other amphibians face that lead to the “Prefect Storm.”
  6. Central and South America used to harbor _______% of the worlds Amphibian species.
  7. List some reasons why amphibians are considered in medical science to be “little gold mines.”
  8. Where in the world are amphibians Chytrid free?
  9. What are members from the EVAC shelter doing to protect these frogs?
  10. In parts of the USA not affected by the Chytrid fungus, list some deformities found:
  11. What percent of suburban pond frog species are found with deformities?
  12. What are believed to be the causes of these particular deformities?
  13. What are some of the side effects mentioned that chemicals such as the pesticide Atrazine has done to the frogs in the video
  14. Other interesting notes?

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