Reflective Essay Outline


Majority of students who encounter with a task of writing a reflective essay really wonder on what approach to adopt to write the essay. This is mainly because they are not aware of the basic things involved in writing this type of essay.
The task of writing a reflective essay is difficult because it involves a reflection of ideas of the student. While writing this kind of essay it is necessary that the student has a clear idea about what he/she wants to write and should avoid confusing the readers. Hence, there is a need of a proper approach and organization while writing this essay. A reflective essay outline can really help in this regard.
Developing reflective essays outline
Whether you write Urdu essays or essays in English you need to have an outline before writing the essay. A good essay outline is the one which contains an introduction, body and conclusion. However, simply knowing this is not sufficient, the student should also be able to elaborate the reflective essays outline. For instance, while writing an essay about myself you should have an understanding of your good qualities and then elaborate on how they make you different from others. Let us see how this can be done effectively.
Writing the introduction:
The introduction is where the student has to leave an impression on the reader. Hence, it has to be written with proper discretion. In a reflective essay it is mandatory that the introduction grabs the attention of the reader in the very first sentence. Thus, start with an introduction that will really catch the interest of the reader. Once you write a proper attractive sentence then you can move on to the points such as importance of the essay topic and what made you choose this particular topic.
The body paragraphs:
In the body paragraphs, you need to prove, argue and discuss the points which you want to put forward in the essay. To give the readers a better understanding of your ideas it is better to divide the body of the essay into several paragraphs with each paragraph explaining a major point. Put the supporting information of your major ideas in other subsequent paragraphs.
A conclusion should include a summary of the entire essay. Highlight the main points of your essay in the conclusion to leave a mark on the reader.
This was the basic reflective essay outline which you can use while writing a reflective essay. Avoiding the task of developing good reflective essays outline will only make your task of writing the essay difficult and you may end up scoring low.
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