Representation of Race and Ethnicity in a Media


Representation of Race and Ethnicity in a Media


Choose a topic that will allow you to observe and analyze the representation of race and ethnicity in a medium or a genre of your choice. (Medium: print -newspapers or magazines; television, film, music or the Internet; genre: sitcoms, series, reality tv, music videos, etc.) Possible topics could include: a minority/ethnic group portrayal in a television series, or in the news; the portrayal of race or ethnicity in magazine advertisements; or the negative portrayals of race and/or ethnicity in alternative media online (blog, twitter feed, Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc.)   My topic is below in BOLD

How media, and television negatively portray black men.

Your analysis should include the impact that media has on racism and consider whether or not media reinforces racism in your communities.

Your discussion must be presented in a 5-6 page double spaced written essay using APA format. Cover page and References pages do not count in the total number of pages. No abstract is needed.

A summary chart is provided to explain how work will be assessed.

 A summary chart is provided to explain how work will be assessed.


Skill Excellent Good Satisfactory Developing Unsatisfactory
Argumentation and Analysis          
Evidence and Documentation          
Structure and Mechanics          

Argument and Analysis: Does the paper contain a clear thesis statement or research question?

  • Does the paper have a clear hypothesis and argument, appropriate for college-level work?
  • Does the main argument of the paper match or answer the research question or thesis statement?
  • Are the main argument and key points clear?
  • Does the paper clearly address the research questions and hypothesis or thesis statement throughout?
  • Does the paper develop its main points well?
  • Does the paper address other research in the field to place its argument in conversation with other work?
  • Does the paper address counterarguments and possible limitations of the research presented in the paper?

Evidence and Documentation:

  • To what extent does the paper support its claims?
  • What types of support are utilized and are they appropriate for college-level work?
  • Are source materials clearly documented in accordance with APA citation guidelines?
  • Is there analysis of the sources?
  • Does the evidence offered in the paper help to further the overall argument?

Structure and Style:

  • Is the paper clearly organized?
  • Does the paper include required elements of the assignment?
  • Is the style of the paper appropriate for a college-level in Sociology?
  • Is the tone of the paper appropriate for a college-level course in Sociology?

Grammar and Mechanics:

  • Does the paper employ appropriate grammar?
  • Does the paper make use of punctuation and mechanics?


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