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Choose any medical/healthcare research institute and describe the organization and the types of research in which they are engaged. Listed below are some examples. You may choose from this list or select any other research institute that appeals to you.

·         Scripps Biomedical Research

·         Institute of Medicine

·         NIH-one of the branch institutes (NIMH, NCI, etc.)

·         Cancer Research Institute

·         Any university healthcare research institute

For the selected institute or organization, state the following:

1.       The mission of the organization

2.       The type of research conducted

3.       Organizational structure (location, divisions, size-number/types of employees)

4.       Sources of funding

5.       An example of a research study or publication from the institution/organization

6.       Impression/Opinion of the institute/organization and its connection to healthcare practice


Prepare the assignment according to the APA format, e.g, cover page, headers, references, etc. and submit the work via the assignment link as a word document.

                 Evaluation Criteria




  • Identification of the mission (5)
  • Identification of the type of research conducted (5)
  • Organizational structure (5)
    • Location/Division
    • Size/Type of employees
  • Funding source (5)
  • Example of research conducted or publication (5)
  • Impression and link to practice (5)



APA format/Writing: (Cover Sheet, headers, spacing, etc.)/Clarity of writing, technique, topic sentences, grammar, word choice, punctuation, etc.)








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