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Complete the two following research assignments :

Part One:

This week you are to complete a Library Scavenger Hunt assignment.  Through this exercise, you will practice your research and documentation skills.  You may complete this assignment by using either online or library resources.  

To successfully complete the library research assignment, you must answer each of the questions on the Library Scavenger Hunt document (accessible, as an attachment).  Your grade on this assignment is based on how you answer each question and how you document your sources.  

In addition to the MLA documentation information provided in your textbook’s Appendix, you should also reference the External Links section of your course to access updated information on MLA documentation through the “MLA Formatting and Style Guide.”    As mentioned above, your grade on this assignment is also dependent upon how you document your sources (the “MLA Formatting and Style Guide” and the textbook’s Appendix will tell you how to properly cite your sources using MLA documentation guidelines). 

Part Two:

This week, you must also complete a Citation Exercise assignment designed to help you practice incorporating research in your student essays for the purpose of supporting your claims.  The assignment is accessible, as an attachment. Specific instructions and an example of how to properly complete the Citation Exercise are included in the attachment.  Follow the instructions carefully. 

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