PART A: Research Question: “How effective is affirmative action in the
post-secondary educational system?”

  1. Significance of the topic: Underrepresentation
    of students of color and lower economic states in post-secondary education has
    remained an issue for years. Affirmative Action in education is significant
    because it establishes a fair and equal playing field for all races regarding
    the post-secondary education system and later in the job market. 

EXAMPLE: The underrepresentation of students of color and low income has existed for decades at colleges and universities. Some of the numbers from a 2013 University of Pennsylvania report entitled “Black Male Student-Athletes and Racial Inequities in NCAA Division I College Sports” suggest that the primary recruitment mechanisms for black males may be their football and basketball teams for many universities. The report “found that black men were 2.8 percent of undergraduate students but 57.1 percent of football players and 64.3 percent of basketball players across the 77 major sports programs.

  • How effective is affirmative
    action in the education systems? Affirmative action policies dealing with the
    lack of access to higher education. This lack of access is a function of
    underprivileged societies and a fixed system that unfortunately does not allow
    those who are a part of these underrepresented communities to climb this
    hierarchical latter. Through the process of this research via this published
    book, I will delve deeper into the characteristics that play into this process
    for post-secondary education and how this effects the labor markets and
    social/civil plus physical infrastructure (elementary school systems, health
    departments, etc).
  • Gaps in the
    research addressed

PART B: Lit Review

1. Broad overview of the other research approaches: “From
#BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation” by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor is a book that
focuses on this current field in a sense by identifying events and analyzing
how they alter the modern world and the perspectives of blacks. This book to me
is essential because it examines the location along with demographics of
minorities in America from a first-hand basis.


1. What are the variables?

2. What is the relationship?

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