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        The role of globalization has contributed to the rise of terrorism during the last 20 years by the increased level of violence in this world. There are groups of people who carry out such acts of violence. The group of terrorists then attacks people that are viewed as innocent. The primary goal behind all of this is to create fear among innocent people. There is a particular method in which terrorism is carried out. What we need to do in the United States is to figure out ways to restrict such actions of violence. There is entirely no reason that innocent people need to be terrorized. The primary goal of Homeland Security is to eliminate this fear. All the American people need to be on the outlook for such actions of terrorism.

       There are some things that the U.S. can do economically to prevent terrorism before it starts. One of the things we as Americans can do financially to stop terrorism before it starts is to have each of the companies become a more fully-integrated regionalized economy. As Thomas Freidman (1996) argues is that, “Because McDonald’s is gradually moving from local sourcing of its raw materials to regional sourcing to global sourcing.” (Paragraph 4). The reason why this quotation is being used is that all Americans must accept the fact that the American society is becoming more integrated today.

       On the other hand, there is an argument in which Helena Norberg-Hodge says there needs to be less globalization. As the author Helena Norberg-Hodge (2015) briefly explains, “It is vital that we in the West shift to a decentralized, less resource-intensive economic model immediately.” (Paragraph 32). The reason why this statement was being used is that the author believes that fewer resources are necessary to avoid acts of terrorism in society.

Response #2 

I like what you said regarding globalization and terrorism as having the same root.   I had not thought of them in those terms before, but it is a good term to use for their connection to each other. 

We know globalization is here to stay.   We also know it becomes complicated with trade agreements, sub-trade agreements, free trade, and tariffs.  These are geopolitical challenges.

If we strip them away, we see the social dimension of people and culture.  This is an interesting power point from a class in Australia.   There are some questions the teacher asks her students at the end.    How would you answer them?

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