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Thoroughly” answer the “two” end of chapter critical thinking or review questions from this week’s assigned reading (“one” question from the end of each chapter). Your choice which two, but one from “each” chapter).

Special Notes: Before answering, first repeat the questions. Lastly, ensure you use your course text book via in-text citations with a matching reference to support and enhance your answers. Additional outside (non-course text book) sources (“properly” cited and referenced per the APA) are highly encouraged for superior scores.


You will post one response to the forum discussion prompt and a “minimum of two responses (more “substantive” responses for a “superior” score) to your classmates (or instructor, if a follow-up question is asked) each discussion week (weeks 1 – 3 and 5 – 7). “Single space only” in forums. Importantly, to keep everyone on the same sheet of music, “post only during the current course week” (do “not” post in advance).

The response to each forum prompt must be a minimum of “500 words” in length (“excluding” the directions, questions, quotations, notes, or references).  Each of the required two responses to your classmates (or instructor) must be a minimum of “200 words” in length. Each forum discussion prompt response will be valued at “70%” your forum score and each “classmate/instructor response” will count as “15%” of your forum score (30% in total).

Forum Prompt Response/Classmate (instructor) Response General Information and Scoring Details: Essentially, the excellence of your effort is considered when grading your forum prompt responses and forum responses to classmates/instructor. It is critical that you ensure your forum prompt and forum responses to classmates/instructor are on time and meet the minimum lengths to avoid a loss of points. Although there are length minimums, your score is predicated on the quality of your thinking and writing – “not” the length of your writing. Excess verbiage is usually a sign of poor editing and too few words are a sign of poor analysis. Forum prompt responses must reflect some new or original information – do not just reiterate content or opinion posted by classmates.

Your forum prompt response must reflect college-level comprehension, analysis, discussion, application (where appropriate), and learning. To demonstrate college writing, thoroughly discuss and relate your answers/responses in both source and anecdotal language. Paraphrase, quote “only” when absolutely necessary, and provide examples, differences/similarities, analogies, etc. Forum prompt responses and responses to your classmates/instructor must reflect “critical thinking” skills (critical, analytical, evaluative, etc.) – not your ability to simply transfer verbatim text content to the forum platform. You must strive to apply, demonstrate, illustrate, relate, analyze, appraise, compare/contrast, criticize, deduce, debate, determine, differentiate, distinguish, estimate, evaluate, examine, and/or predict in your forum responses. Show you are able to synthesize and evaluate knowledge in a “cogent manner.” This includes thoroughly explaining your positions/answers.

Sources are required for quality, learning, and “scoring” purposes. Specifically, supplement/enhance your forum prompt response content (which is generally drawn from the course textbook or directed sources), but outside sources (peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, government reports, legitimate/credible websites, etc.) to enhance your knowledge base are strongly encouraged. Use of the AMU Online Library and Security Management/Course Library portal is highly encouraged.

Citation and Reference Style: This course requires students to use the citation and reference style established in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (sixth edition). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. A very good APA source is the The Owl at Purdue University: There is also a comprehensive Web video on APA sixth edition in general and how to format a formal research paper in APA sixth edition in particular located at:

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