social media platform strategy


65811. Explain all of the “important” aspects of developing a Strategic Social Media Program to answer this question. Include at least 5 (FIVE) outcomes you expect to achieve from your program.

2. Pick any 3 tools/platforms (covered in the class) you think you can use to enhance the future value of the basketball program to the “possibly online” student body and the fan public at-large. Remember to specify and describe a Strategic Purpose for each platform’s use. This is the What, Why and How referenced earlier this semester – and what they would hope to achieve (objectives).

3. Provide sample campaign content brief to describe your ideas for each tool. A content brief typically includes:

• an audience (think psychographics or behaviors and not so much demographics)

• a value message (what’s the overall message take away)

• a call to action (what you want users to do?)

• Content (what kind of content would propel the campaign and make it propagate/shared)


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