Standard Bioinformatics Project


You will be given a protein sequence. Perform a search for homology. Print out a comparison of the proteins, compare with 3 is enough. Indicate regions of relatively high identity, functional motifs, and potential post transnational modification sites. Give an overall assessment of the function of your protein in the organism. If it is an enzyme, give the biochemical reaction that the protein is primarily responsible for and your predicted biological outcome if a loss of function mutation occurs in the gene that codes for the protein. You may also be able to get information about your gene if you analyze the syntheses of the gene that produces your protein. In addition, give the predictions of structure and disorder, and the predicted secondary and tertiary structures of the protein (note: a region predicted to be disordered can also have predicted secondary structure).

Protein GenBank accession #EDT50125.1
you can use any programs, there is no restriction. as long as its a scientific program. clustal W, Omega. Uniport. JPerd.

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