Steps Colonial Life Insurance Company Should Take To Improve Employee Retention


Final Project – Research Paper (5-6 pages)

  • Your research will be used by Colonial Life Insurance Company to improve their recruiting for Entry Level Sales Associates:
    • understand how their entry level Sales positions compare to other employment options for recent college grads,
    • what are the pros and cons of their job
    • Identify steps they should be taking to improve attraction, engagement and employee retention.
    • Identify specific recommendations for:
      • Job itself (work, training, compensation)
      • Recruiting (where to find candidates)
      • Messaging and Tactics (how to talk about the job opportunity)
  • Paper will be structured like a Marketing plan and points will be allocated as follows:
    • Current Situation Analysis (15 points)
    • SWOT for Colonial Life (15 points)
    • Competitive Benchmarking (20 points)
    • Best Practices (20 points)
    • Recommendations with Rationale (selling your thoughts) (30 points)
    • Paper should be double spaced, sources should be clearly identified but no special formatting required
  • Research should include public sources including media, job sites, etc and can also include your/your friends opinions and feedback

Colonial Life Links and Resources


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