SWK 300 Institutionalized Racism Policy Analysis Paper


SWK 300 Institutionalized Racism Policy Analysis Paper



Generally one-half page in length. Purpose: to provide the reader with a concise summarization.


            Set up your TOC as instructed – A textbook is a fine example to follow.

SECTION I:        A. What is the problem/need, What policy addresses this problem? 10

  1. Cite the indicator (statistics) which show that a problem/need exists. Cite the statisticsnumbers of persons impacted by the problem. What are the number of persons/the ethnicities of persons, impacted by the addressing policy, is the impact positive or negative, explain.

SECTION  II:    A. What are the causes of the problem/need? What are the additional social problems and traumas caused by the problem and what problems is the policy designed to address. 10

SECTION  III:     A. How socially significant is the problem? 15

  1. What is the impact of the problem on the community: (socially, economically, impact on persons, etc.).
  2. How severe is this impact? (Data and Statistics explained is essential in this area)
  3. Is the problem likely to continue, increase, or be abolished if no action is taken?

SECTION IV:    A. Provide additional information about the population most affected by the problem 10

SECTION V:    A. Identify one or more policy goals, which are appropriate to the problem and identify one or more policy goals, not addressed but would be helpful to rectify the problem. 10

SWK 300 Institutionalized Racism Policy Analysis Paper


  1. Mechanics: Grammar, Grammar, Grammar. Format, appearance.  (APA STYLE MUST BE USED)  (15 points) NOTE: BE VERY CAREFUL – YOU MUST FOLLOW APA     RULES FOR CITATIONS AND REFERENCES. See the General Guides section below.
  2. Integration: with Course Material: (25 points). This is automatic as you are using teacher approved topics.
  1.   Contents: (60) points. Clarity, logic, convincing arguments, (field interview(s), this is optional)


Basic Number of References Required: Twelve to Fifteen references are expected. References must not be from before the year 2008. There are exceptions based on the historical relevance and importance of material from an earlier date/

Basic Number of Citations: Generally, it is prudent to plan on at least two to three references in your paragraphs.

This is not a paper about you: You are to produce a paper using the cited thinking of the experts in the field you have chosen fro.

SWK 300 Institutionalized Racism Policy Analysis Paper

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