Tale of Two Countries’ Health Care Delivery Systems


Tale of Two Countries’ Health Care Delivery Systems

Briefly describe Taiwan in terms of geography and any important cultural, economic, geographic,
or other distinguishing traits that may impact views of health and/or public health.
Analyze the following features of the health care delivery system of Taiwan:
The extent to which prevention services are offered
How citizens access services across the spectrum of health care; include any services that are
not offered
Areas of health disparities and any special/priority populations
How services are financed and by whom (government, consumers, insurers, etc.)
Predominant health issues for each nation
Discuss what the United States is doing well and what lessons we can learn and incorporate
from Taiwan. Provide a clear, comprehensive desсrіption of areas in which the U.S. health care
delivery system performs better than Taiwan and an area in which Taiwan’s system does better.
This is a formal research paper. Your paper must include the following resources:
At least three credible Excelsior College Library articles (current, peer-reviewed, and directly
related to the state/federal reform initiative)
At least three credible governmental, policy, or NGO (non-governmental organization) websites.

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