Target globalization to Singapore



Make a final recommendation whether Target should proceed or not proceed with international expansion into your specific country. Support your decision with at least 3 to 5 major concepts we learned from text over the past weeks. A recommendation to not expand is just as acceptable as a recommendation to expand, as you will be evaluated on how you support your decision. Be sure to cover the following topics:

1 – Why or why isn’t it a good time for Target to expand internationally?

2 – Base your recommendation on 3 to 5 main points we covered throughout the course.

3 – Incorporate concepts from the text book chapters to support your recommendations.

You are to write a 1 to 3 page short and concise recommendation based on your presentation about what Target should do in regard to international expansion. It should not exceed the three page limit; points will be given for being succinct and to the point. Again present your recommendation to expand or to not expand and support it with 3 to 5 main points from topics we learned throughout the course.

Be sure to properly cite sources using APA format.

Create a Power Point presentation which follows your presentation. This should be a business professional presentation which presents your final recommendation to Target as to whether they should expand to your specific country or not and WHY?

You should have an intro slide as well as a references slide. It is recommended, but not required, that you use the speaker notes. This is the point of the speaker notes, to help aid you when presenting.


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