The Basic Foundations Of Group Counseling


In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation to be presented to your principal and colleagues, orienting them to the use of group work in the school setting. You will overview some basic group counseling topics, and then provide specifics about your abilities to serve the school effectively.

In your presentation:

Describe the basic foundations of group counseling, including an introduction to the different types of group: task, psychoeducational, counseling, psychotherapy, and brief groups. Please provide one sentence describing each type of group. Please provide a description of each type of group. Remember to include considerations that may affect conducting that type of group in varied settings. (5 slides).
For example: Counseling: A group used to develop better interpersonal skills. This type of group may be used in a school setting to explore friendship skills, however, it may have to be limited in number, for example, 6–8 sessions.
Consider and address your own cultural background. Identify multicultural counseling competencies you will use to meet the cultural and social needs of students in your school setting. Share the culturally relevant strategies you will use for designing and facilitating groups. (1–3 slides.)
Explain some of your own personal characteristics that will enable you to be an effective group counselor. For example, three characteristics you already have might include courage, openness, and nondefensiveness. Consider one area for personal improvement and describe how you will improve that skill. For example, how might you incorporate humor into your groups? Please provide one paragraph per characteristic, exploring four characteristics. (1–4 slides.)
Describe some of your effective group leadership skills. This may look like a bulleted list, with a brief example of what each method means and how you will demonstrate this skill effectively. Please provide one summary statement for each leadership skill and how that skill contributes to group effectiveness, covering approximately three skills. (1–2 slides.‹)
For example: Terminating: Bringing closure to the group, both at the end of each session and at the end of the entire time spent together.
Include one slide for references. The assignment should have a total of 8–14 slides.

Although graphics matter, make sure you are demonstrating your understanding of knowledge about group work. If you do not plan to work in a school setting, please adjust the assignment as needed.

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