The Course Of The Vietnam War


1. Give a very brief overview of the course of the Vietnam war.

2. Then describe issues, events, dilemmas and developments from the war that make it difficult to simply divide everyone into “good guys” and “bad guys.” To illustrate this, describe a number of specific situations or actions, or reflections by people from Ken Burns’ documentary. In the midst of the different points you make, you must include American soldiers, American politicians, American protestors, and Vietnamese (from any side) at least once. (This section should make up the largest part of your paper).

3. Which of the actions, policies or events that you described were clearly just, which were clearly unjust, or which are difficult to determine, ethically? Why? (You do not have to find examples of each of these ethical positions).

4. After reading Matthew 5 to 7 carefully, select several principles of Christ that should shape the way we think today, as Americans and Christians, as we look back on the Vietnam War. (To illustrate this, you may want to give a hypothetical situation of how not to interpret the war, according to these principles of Christ).

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