The Critical Elements Of “On-page SEO”


Website Promotion Week 2

Identify concepts in organizational decisions, strategic alliances, and managing efficiency and effectiveness.
You recently received a telephone call from the Vice President (VP) of Marketing for your company General Motors. The website traffic has dropped off and the VP is concerned about too much “noise” online and they are concerned that the organization’s website is not being optimized.
You know that it is essential for the organization’s website to have peak visibility to the target audience. You are also aware that the goal is to make the website as seamless as possible for the users, ensuring that the content is relevant. Public Relations (PR) has recently been working hard to convince the organization to do more with PR and you feel this might help to break through to the target market.
The VP has asked you to write a summary regarding the matter. You have decided to incorporate the following into it:
1. Explain at least 4 of the critical elements of “on-page SEO” as they relate to developing a public relations campaign for the organization.
2. Explain why a PR campaign would potentially be useful.
3. Explain the topics for an appropriate PR campaign, including descriptions of the elements within each topic.
Your summary should be 3 pages in length, written with professional language, and use proper spelling/grammar. If references are used, they must be cited and list in APA format on a reference page at the end of the summary.

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