The History Of Composition Studies


For this assignment, students will compose an original, research-based argument about some
aspect of the history, theory, and/or practice of composition studies. Papers should be
10-15 full
pages length (the page length does NOT include your Works Cited page(s)), and should utilize at
5 primary/secondary sources, 2 of which should be from our post-midterm course
(anything dated from March 30 and after). You are welcome to use any sources dated
prior to the midterm, but at least 2 of your sources must be from texts assigned after the midterm.
The scope of this paper and the combination of sources should allow you to form a unique line of
investigation into your chosen topic.
This paper may be an extension of your short paper or your class lead, but this is not a
requirement. At minimum, this paper should craft an original argument about some aspect of the
history, theory, and/or practice of composition studies. This could take shape as an account of,
for example, the outer or inner-directed cognitive model and its benefits (history); a course
design (with justification) based upon civic engagement (practice); or an investigation into the
connection between perception/experience and writing (theory). The choice of focus is open to
each student; everyone is encouraged to connect this assignment to their professional, academic,
and/or personal goals and interests.
All sources should be cited and formatted according to the most recent MLA guidelines, which
includes proper MLA essay format. For those unfamiliar with MLA formatting requirements,
here’s a
link to the Purdue OWL website that outlines all MLA guidelines. There are several due
dates to note regarding this assignment:
ach student should submit a 2-page (MLA formatted) paper in which
you propose a plan and justification for your final paper. Outline what you are intending
to do (and why) and discuss primary/secondary sources that you will include in your


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