The History Of Search Engine Marketing (SEO)


The Director of Marketing has promoted you to head up the Digital Marketing Team for the company General Motors. The board of directors requires an update on the digital marketing environment that the company is facing. The Director of Marketing asked you to provide an overview for the board of directors but reminded you that the board members do not have a background in E-marketing.
The overview should only be a couple pages in length, but needs to explain to the board of directors why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to be vital in the coming years. They need to have broad understanding of why Google Algorithms needs to be considered as well as SEO ranking. Finally, you need to review some of the possible pitfalls that companies get into with black hat techniques.
Your report should address the items below as they apply to your selected organization: General Motors
1. Brief history of Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
2. Black-Hat SEO Techniques and why avoid them
3. Google Algorithms and why they change
4. SEO Ranking Factors
Remember, each of these points should be considered from the perspective of the organization. You should also provide brief suggestions explaining to the board members how the organization should use this information.
Your report should be 3-4 pages in length, written with professional language, and use proper spelling/grammar. If references are used, they must be cited and listed in APA format on a reference page at the end of the report.

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