The larger themes of U.S. History


Community Engagement Review – Instructions
This assignment asks you to think about the larger themes of U.S. History and make connections with the history of South Florida.
You will pick one theme or event from the course and locate a local component (book, piece of art, historical person, or location) that you will use to show how your theme connects to a local piece of history.

Your review should:
1. Describe your chosen item/event
2. Indicate why this particular item/event interested you
3. Show how it relates to a larger theme in the course
4. Be at least one page (double-spaced) in length
5. Use correct grammar and be properly edited

Title: Give Me Liberty!
Authors: Eric Foner
Publisher: W. W. Norton, Jul-2017
Publish date: Jul-2017
Notes: 5th Edition

Link to book:

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