The Macroeconomic Situation In Greece



1. Your Select country is: Greece
2. Collect information on the macroeconomic situation in your country from 2008 the present. Your group will be expected to use at least six sources of information. Please include a copy of your source list with your report.

Relevant information includes:

a. Background on the country’s economy: employment mix, primary industries, major exports and imports, key trading partners

b. Economic performance over this period: Key indicators over the period include GDP growth, unemployment, inflation, government surplus/ deficit, trade position.

c. Identification of the fiscal policy followed by the government of this country over the period/ If it changed over the period, what were the changes?

d. Identification of the monetary policy applied during this period. If it changed over the period, what were the changes?

3. Produce a document (not to exceed 4 pages, excluding list of sources) that includes the following:

a. Analysis of the country’s macroeconomic conditions over the period, from 2008 to the present.

i. How can you explain what happened to this country economically over the decade? What challenges did this economy face? (Please do not focus solely on the current world health and economic crises, but rather look at the full period since 2008. ) What are the key factors that have driven macroeconomic results?

ii. Apply the basic IS/LM framework as part of your analysis. Please develop simple graphs to illustrate intended and actual results of fiscal and monetary policy.

b. Summary of your expectations with respect to the country’s likely direction: What is likely to be the country’s economic trajectory over the coming 12 months?

c. Explanation of your view about the viability of the Eurozone: which countries benefit from its current structure? What challenges does the Eurozone face going forward?

====================Prior to starting this written assignment, please read the following articles to familiarize yourself with the European Union and the Euro Zone======================================

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