The Political Background Unfolding In The Film, “Exodus”


Watch one of these movies

You are welcome to watch two of the movies as additional material

  1. The Third Man – World War II Aftermath
  2. The longest Day – Europe 1944
  3. The Spy who came in from the cold
  4. Exodus – about ship and survivors(Focus on this one)
  5. A time to love and a time to die
  6. Little Drummer Girl – Israeli-Palestinian Espionage


  1. Watch the movie
  2. Take notes

While watching the movie it is best to take notes – on the story line, the political background that unfolds, the names of the people that are mentioned – not so much the characters themselves, rather the politicians, officials, important persons.

Additionally, keep an eye out for any mention of society`s attitudes, of artistic expression in the form of art or fashion, watch for technological inventions that are specific to that period, look at the economic sphere the story takes place in.

  1. Write your essay
  2. Summary: Write a summary of each of film in about 500 words each
  3. Answer these questions:
    1. ERA
      1. What is the political situation in which the story unfolds?
      2. What time frame is the story set in.
  • Who is the leader, what is the political system
  1. What are the conflicts specific to your film
  2. Are there alliances, war, hate?
    1. Who is in charge and what are their goals?
    2. What are the connections to other countries
  • What are the alliances?
  1. What is the conflict?
    1. Take a look at society as a whole.
    2. What is going on, what is happening underneath the surface?
  • Do the roles of people change
  1. What is the economic situation like
  2. What is home life like, what are the professions, what their goals and ideas?
  1. Conclusion
    1. What do you learn from the movies?
    2. How did what you learned in class help to understand the movie`s background?
    3. Speak about how the movie has touched you
  2. Research
    1. Begin to do research and find answers to the questions:
    2. Use reputable sources! Imperative! No dubious websites. Look at the uploaded lecture slides and the reading material.
    3. For background and more information go to Indy Niedell – he has great infos.
  3. Form of the Essay
    • Cover Page – Name, Class and Section, Professor, Running Head, Date
    • Abstract – summarize the essence of your paper in max 250 words
    • Summary of the film – max ¾ page or 400 words
    • Introduction to your paper, first paragraph – 150 words
    • Body – Write your paper without repeating the questions and writing your answer underneath. Your answers should become evident from the flowing text.
    • Conclusion to your paper, summarize the main points.
    • Use APA Format
    • Include a reference list with at least 8 sources including the film
    • Get help from the Writing Center in the basement of the library. They are happy to help!

Your paper must have around 4.500 words – that is around 9 pages my typing… Submissions with a deviation of 20% below the 4.500 will get automatic deduction in points. This of course excludes the cover page, the abstract, the reference list.

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