The Potential Effects Of Cultural Patterns


This assignment asks you to explore the potential effects of the cultural patterns (beliefs, values, norms, and social practices) of your own culture and the patterns of a selected other culture on potential communication encounters between you and members of that other culture. For the paper, you are to select another culture (it can be one that you have already visited, are intending to visit, are just curious about, or is a fictional culture) and research the cultural and communication patterns that are dominant in that culture. You will also need to assess your own cultural and communication patterns and determine the degree to which you are a “typical” member of your culture.

For the other culture to pick, I chose the military, but feel free to use any other culture you can think of that will help make this paper an A paper.

After you have completed both of the above, you are ready to write the paper. The paper should identify and describe the most significant cultural values, verbal communication norms, nonverbal communication norms, and relational communication norms that you believe would influence your interpersonal communication with members of the culture you have selected.

Your description should suggest both ways in which the cultural and communication patterns might lead to more competent intercultural communication and ways in which they might lead to problems and misunderstandings.

Let me emphasize that the paper is not simply a description of the cultural and communication patterns of another culture. Rather, it should focus on the juxtaposition of your own cultural and communication patterns with those of someone from another culture as you attempt to engage in competent intercultural communication. You should use the GLOBE Taxonomy ( ) or Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions ( ( ) as the theoretical frameworks for this analysis.

Thus your paper should have four major sections (plus introduction and conclusion): cultural value orientations, verbal norms, nonverbal norms, and relationship norms. For the section on cultural value orientations, you must compare and contrast the two chosen cultures (your own and another) for each of the categories in the GLOBE taxonomy. For each of the other three sections in your paper, the items in the outline (above) are suggestions about the kinds of information you will use to compare and contrast the two cultures. And remember: the paper needs to highlight what might occur when people from the two cultures attempt to communicate.

The paper should be at least 10 pages in length (APA Format), typewritten, double-spaced, proofread, and your own work.

Attached is just a sample APA formatted paper.

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