The Properties Of Life From A Biological Perspective


Answer the attached questions. The question’s answers should be 4-5 sentences long and contain one source with an APA style citation. The citation should be listed right under the question’s answer.

Question 1;Identify and describe the properties of life from a biological perspective.

Question 2;What is the basis behind the Education of Solidarity as explained in People and Technology Today: Some Educational Implications?

Question 3;According the topic reading from Stinson, S., Bogin, B., & O’Rourke, D. (Eds.). (2012). Human biology : An evolutionary and biocultural perspective, what are we learning about the expression of genetic information of an individual in specific environments?

Question 4;Describe Newton’s third law of motion and provide an example of it that you’ve observed in everyday life.

Question 5;In what way does DNA help form and then maintain our bodies?

Question 6;Who were some of the earlier pioneers in psychology, and how did structuralism and functionalism differ?

Question 7;In physiology there are positive and negative feedback loops. Explain the process of positive feedback and provide an example.

Question 8;Describe Mamie Phipps Clark’s, and her husband, Kenneth Clark’s, contributions to multicultural psychology, specifically in regard to the Brown C Board of Education decision.

Question 9;According to Spielman, R., Dumper, K. Jenkins, W., et. al. (2019) Psychology, what are some of the factors that determine happiness and what role do they play?

Question 10;What are two factors that, rather surprisingly, do not correlate to happiness?

Question 11;What do we mean by a geocentric universe? In general terms, contrast a geocentric view of the universe with our modern view of the universe.

Question 12;What are the major areas of research in astrobiology?

Question 13;Describe the alternative medicine treatment of homeopathic medicine. Be sure to explain its origin, its treatment uses, and how it is performed.


In addition to the included sources you may use other sources to complete the questions as long as you include the APA citation.


Read sections 1.1 and 1.2 from Unit 1, Introduction to Biology from Fowler, S., Roush R. & James, & Wise, J. (2013) Concepts of Biology. Houston, TX. Retrieved from

Rodriguez-Sedano, A., Paris, A., & Mut, M. (2011). People and Technology Today: Some Educational Implications. US-China Education Review, 8(5), 627-636.
Ready pages 627-636 to appreciate the vast opportunities that exist in the fields of science and technology.

Please read Stinson, S., Bogin, B., & O’Rourke, D. (Eds.). (2012). Human biology : An evolutionary and biocultural perspective.

Please read Chapter 5, sections 5.1-5.6, “Newton’s Laws of Motion” from Moebs, W., Ling, S. & Sanny, J. (2016). University Physics Volume I. Houston, TX. Retrieved

Please read chapter 1 “An Introduction to the Human Body” fsections 1.1-1.5 rom Aguilar-Roca, N. (2018). Essential Physiology. OpenStax CNX. retrived from

Read chapter 1 sections 1.1-1.3 for a background into the science of psychology and its evolution, along with its application and impacts on daily life. from Spielman, R., Dumper, K. Jenkins, W., et. al. (2019) Psychology. OpenStax retrived from

14.5 The Pursuit of Happiness from Spielman, R., Dumper, K. Jenkins, W., et. al. (2019) Psychology. OpenStax retrived from

Please read Chapter 30, sections 30.1-30.4 for an overview of the conditions that make Earth hospitable to life and the search for life beyond Earth from
Andrew Fraknoi, A., Morrison, D. & Wolf, S. (2016). Astronomy.

Knaier, R. G. (2017). Homeopathy on Trial: Allen V. Hyland’s, Inc. And a Failure of Evidentiary Gatekeeping. Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science & Technology, 57(3), 361–396.

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