The Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) program


Many steps have been taken to enhance information sharing between homeland security partners, such as fusion centers and the Protected Critical Infrastructure Information program. How these relate to the private sector will serve as this week’s focus.

1. The Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) program was developed to address the concerns of the private sector in regards to the sharing of information related these sites and their associated operations. Concerning this program, what are the parts or features of this program that are effective in addressing the private sector’s concerns related to liability and protection of proprietary information?

2. In Network Fusion: Information and Intelligence Sharing for a Networked World, the author discusses (pages 8-11) the five competitive forces that shape strategy for business. Focusing upon the first of these, offer specific examples of how a privately owned business can be both a supplier and consumer of information; efforts that can have a direct impact upon homeland security intelligence and information sharing initiatives.

Be sure and support your responses from the assigned readings as well as other applicable sources.

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