The Protections Afforded To Criminal Defendants By The Bill Of Rights


8 short answer questions
1.In the movie “Hot Coffee”, please discuss the implications of tort reform in each of the four stories portrayed. Give specific examples.

2. In the movie “Inside Job”, many examples of unethical business behavior exist. Please state at least five (5) types of unethical behaviors shown in this film. Discuss how you would have approached each of the situations where the unethical behavior was exhibited differently

3. In the short video regarding protests at Berkley, what were the arguments put forth by students who wanted to limit conservative speakers from giving talks on campus? How did these students address the First Amendment?

4List and discuss the protections afforded to criminal defendants by the Bill of Rights.

5What are the types of legal fees that can be charged in civil litigation. Describe each type of fee arrangement. Give pros and cons for each type of fee arrangement.

6What are the advantages to alternative dispute resolution over civil litigation in the courts? Describe four types of alternative dispute resolution and give at least two pros and two cons to each type.

7Briefly describe the Article I branch of the federal government’s powers as provided by the U.S. Constitution including the checks and balances that Article I has over the other branches of government.

8What are the guidelines for ethical decision making in business according to the textbook? Please provide a list of all guidelines.

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