The Relationship Between El Nino And Climate Impacts



Visit your favorite climate portal and find, assess, and comment on a project or report related to the effects of El Nino on a particular sector (such as agriculture, utilities, human health, etc.,) due, in part, to anthropogenic climate change. El Nino (and its counterpart La Nina), are natural phenomena that affect seasonal weather and long-term climate patterns around the world. You’ll likely need to explore the basics of El Nino before reviewing your article (See: You’ll come across many reports attributing serious impacts to El Nino; and many will go a step further by tying events to climate change. But do these reports present the science and impacts effectively and truthfully? As you explore how organizations treat El Nino, think about some of the real-world economic impacts and reasonable options to respond to them.

There are three objectives for this assignment: 1) discover climate portals that publish on advanced climate-services related topics; 2) evaluate and critique your project/report of choice in light of the knowledge gained from the materials assigned for this module; and 3) comment on the relationship between El Nino and climate impacts (if any). You can pick virtually any report as long as its author/s offers ample and credible support for their findings.

The report must be fairly recent (at the most, 12 months old).

A brief description of the project or report you are introducing;

Your assessment of the credibility/veracity of the report (not all organizations are alike!);
Your assessment of the substantive points made in by the author/s; and

A brief account of the nexus between El Nino and impacts on a given critical sector. Does the project or report acknowledge uncertainties?

Does it explore the science in an understandable way? If not, what do you think are the reasons for these omissions?

Must follow instructions. Please utilize 3 questions to frame paper
Must Identify a Country directly impacted by El Nino

4 scholarly sources in addition to climate portal

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