The Role Of Aristotle’s Philosophy And Science In Leading To The Scientific Revolution


Reading and Ted talk:
Read An introduction to philosophy ( ready pages 23-37 only)
Ancient Philosophy pages 23-37
Copy and paste link bellow than Watch TED Talk Soraya filed fiorio the murder of ancient :

then answer the following questions, remember only use the Ted talk and the file attached as sources to answer the questions; no citation page need
Review and Discussion Questions — Please answer/DISCUSS each question with at least a full paragraph worth of information. Your explanations should be thorough and complete.
1. Explain Protagoras’ epistemic relativism.
2. What is the Socratic Method?
3. What are Plato’s forms? Why does Plato take the forms to be the most real sorts of entities?
4. What is temperance and why is it a virtue in Plato’s view?
5. How do Plato and Aristotle’s views on form differ?
6. Explain Aristotle’s four causes as principles of explanation.
7. What is the role of Aristotle’s philosophy and science in leading to the scientific revolution?

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