The Role Of Forensic Accountants In The Litigation Process


Answer the following questions;

  1. Describe the role of forensic accountants in the litigation process. Please discuss three types of support services forensic accountants provide to attorneys during the various stages of litigation.
  2. Discuss three differences between a consulting expert and a testifying expert.
  3. Define tax fraud and discuss one of the popular fraudulent tax schemes covered in this course.
  4. Statistics show that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Due the adversarial nature of the litigation process, one spouse may feel cheated by the other during the divorce proceedings.  In such cases, divorce fraud may be alleged.  Discuss the two primary sources of most divorce fraud litigation.
  5. Discuss one way that a company’s management can manipulate its cash flow statement.
  6. Explain one way that a company’s management can manipulate earnings. Make sure to provide specific discussion of the accounting logic behind this manipulation.  Also include discussion of one red flag that warns financial statement users that management is manipulating earnings.
  7. List and discuss the three characteristics of good interviewer’s demeanor during an interview
  8. What are the risks of sampling when searching for fraud? Discuss your answer
  9. Define invigilation and discuss how to applied
  10. Why is it important to use Investigation techniques that will not arouse suspicion among possible perpetrators?
  11. Discuss three difference between financial statement audits and fraud examination
  12. Discuss three reason why a company’s employees may hesitate to report fraud symptoms ?
  13. Discuss five things a company can do to eliminate fraud within organization ?
  14. Given the following information, determine whether illegal income is likely in Year 2 and Year 3. If so, determine the amount of unknown income:

Cash: $12,000 (Yr 1), $24,000 (Yr 2), $28,000 (Yr 3)

Cash equivalents: $100,000 (Yr 1), $100,000 (Yr 2), $100,000 (Yr 3)

Investments: $60,000 (Yr 1), $60,000 (Yr 2), $84,000 (Yr 3)

Residence: $200,000 (Yr 1-3)

Vehicles: $40,000 (Yr 1), $40,000 (Yr 2), $80,000 (Yr 3)

Mortgage payable: $180,000 (Yr 1), $100,000 (Yr 2), $0 (Yr 3)

Vehicle loan payable: $20,000 (Yr 1), $0 (Yr 2), $0 (Yr 3)

Salary: $68,000 (Yr 2), $72,000 (Yr 3)

Other income: $12,000 (Yr 2), $12,000 (Yr 3)

Mortgage expense: $12,000 (Yr 2), $12,000 (Yr 3)

Car payment: $9,600 (Yr 2), $9,600 (Yr 3)

Other living expenses: $40,000 (Yr 2), $44,000 (Yr 3)

  1. If a company becomes aware that there may be fraud within its organization, what will the company land its consider when whether or not to investigate? Discuss four consideration

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