The Socio-economic And Culture Context Of “Great Exhibition”


Please perform art research on this piece and the time period ” Joseph Paxton, Crystal Palace, Great Exhibition, London, 1851″

—-Introduce their artwork (making sure to include the artist and title (if known), date of creation, size, artistic medium, original location, current location (if applicable) and any other pertinent information)

—-Define their thesis statement (i.e. the purpose of your paper or argument)
Explain the socio-economic and culture context of their piece (i.e. what is going on in the world at this time) and how those conditions influenced the creation of this image/object
Argue why this specific work of art is emblematic (i.e. a good example) of its civilization, style or time-period (i.e. your thesis statement)

—–Use at least four credible sources (ideally a combination of scholarly journals, news articles, textbooks/e-books, primary sources, etc.) to provide information and support your argument. (Note: do NOT use Wikipedia, online blogs, or other questionable sites.)

—-Include parenthetical (i.e. in-text) citation and MLA style Works Cited page as well as an image of the artwork with a MLA style caption.

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