The written assignment is intended to challenge students to develop


The written assignment is intended to challenge students to develop critical thinking skills that can be expanded to assist in other environments. The assignment is a film research effort. Papers should be a minimum of 2 full pages and a maximum of 5 total pages, double-spaced. A cover page, bibliography, and/or citation page should be added without affecting the total page count.




Assignment: FILM RESEARCH: Produce a thoughtful critique (should at least focus on how this film was made and your thought)  of either “Argo” or “shawnshank redemption” As you offer your insights, provide some insight as to how others have weighed in regarding this film by directly citing a minimum of one scholarly and two other sources. Please provide at least one of the three or more cited sources and provide a citation page as well using APA format. Font size and margins should be reasonably close to the default sizes on a typical word processor. Unusually small or large fonts and/or margins will receive a minimum of a five-point deduction. Spelling and grammar will be considered as one element of the overall grade.


Research Quality?  For top quality:  These areas should be explained with insight and sophistication.  If your assertions are explained with good facts, quotes, and other resources, you have done well here. If, however, the accuracy of assertions made in your research has been assumed rather than presented with evidence, the effort was probably weaker than it could have been. Students were rewarded for offering an abundance of highly specific information such as isolation of particular facts, precise quotes, data, and/or descriptions of tangible content related to the film under consideration. 




Project descriptions clear?  For top quality:  You should clearly explain the nature of the overall critique. The grade would suffer if a critique was extremely general or if a reader would be uncertain about what you are trying to explain. If you had good clarity regarding “form,” you would be rewarded for that. If the focus on form was vague or the entire focus was on film “content” alone, the overall grade would suffer.




Were sources used and proper bibliographic form employed?  Integration of sources would be needed to gain a top grade, but a respectable grade might be achieved if other areas were effectively confronted.  If no sources were used or if in text references to sources were made, but a bibliographic entry did not occur, some downward adjustment could take place.  For students who did not use APA format, the grade would be affected negatively. Be SURE to avoid plagiarism to avoid a failed grade!





Overall Quality: Was essay carefully proofed to eliminate basic flaws? Was writing clear and direct? Did author write with a sense of authority? Did the author eliminate unneeded words and phrases to tighten the copy? Was a high level of quality evident in the overall presentation? Areas of concern: If students had multiple errors, the grade was adjusted since such issues could hurt you in professional settings. If an assignment was much too long or was shorter than two pages (the likely minimum needed, even for a great writer), your grade would be affected. An effort that was presented in list or outline form instead of as an essay would also face grade reductions. 

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