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7. Assignment– 700 words with 3 references

When a traffic camera is installed in a designated community, drivers who operate in that neighborhood where traffic cameras are deployed and proven to successfully limit alarming rate of traffic accidents and wrongful death, must be willing to accept, comply and obey the role.

Countermeasures are the key components of physical security operations. Associated steps to execute countermeasures in at-risk facility must include vulnerability assessment, risk management and advantages. Likely counter security instrument against intruders must include factors such as risk management and submitting accurate results, measurable policies and procedures to assist in the process.


Vulnerability is the weakness in any organization, which often leads to cyber-attacks, cyber-threats, unbending risk, data damages, interruption of vital communication channels. Data damages often occur when hardware and software are attacked by malicious cyber-criminals, or when unauthorized users gain access to the data command center and disclose the confidential information such as logon name and password.

  1. A vulnerability assessment is a direct responsibility of      individuals, private and public organizations to identify advantages and      disadvantages.
  2. A vulnerability creates more than enough opening for      organizations to accept the likelihood of unforeseeable circumstances and      formulate solutions to remedy any projected impasse relative to      vulnerability
  3. Effective security process must contain assortment of      physical security items such as electronic security, trained personnel      with assigned security privileges, active security policies and      procedures, structured fence around the facility, security officers on      patrol, exterior lighting, steel doors, high-quality mechanical locks, an      intrusion detection system, and video surveillance to detect intruders;
  4. Provide comprehensive narrative on advantages and      disadvantages of vulnerability?
  5. Advantages and disadvantages are considered determined      factors for affordable, feasible, and practical measures while      countermeasures are added values to reduce and eliminate the deficiencies      such as  hardware (fencing and locks), software (electronic access      control), and people (security officers and employees) recognized in the      vulnerability assessment process.

Discussion – 500 words with two references

Defensive Culture

Old-fashioned strategies to battle, prevent and reduce criminal maneuvering can be accomplished by changing illegitimate tendencies. The defensive culture focuses on preventing instantaneous ability to promptly prevent cyber-attack in order to reduce the magnitude of damages caused by criminals in the environments where crime occurs.

Joyce Owens was in the office alone by herself to complete employee’s payroll and she heard strange noise outside the building. Perpetrators broke into the facility through one of the side-windows and maltreated her. As an expert in cybersecurity with concentration on physical security at the University.

What defensive and offensive measures should Joyce Owen adopt in this unsurmountable condition to remain calm, keep herself safe, in conjunction with calling 911?

For Joyce Owen safety, which phone can she use to call 911— her personal mobile device or her office phone?

What must organization security planning team insert in the five-year long-range plan to protect Joyce Owen and employees from such cyber-attack in the future.?

Per Fennelly (2017-139-166), the operative use of locks in physical security crime prevention must include three  combination measures and initiatives:  Luck Bodies (bolts, latch bolt, dead bolt); Door Lock Types Mortise, (rim mounted, tubular, cylindrical lockset, unit locks, cylinders, padlocks); and  Attacks and Countermeasures (surreptitious attacks, Illicit keys, maintain reasonable key security, recombination and replaced compromised lock, circumvention of the internal barriers of the lock, manipulation and picking.

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