understanding of Torah


In 7-9 pages demonstrate from specific OT passages what it meant for Israel to live by the word of God. Explain how this OT teaching about the word of God provides a model for the Christian believer today.

Structure your paper as follows: 1. Introduce your topic. Capture the reader’s interest and indicate the topic’s importance. (about ½ page) 2. Define Torah and explain its purpose as desc ribed in the Pentateuch. Support your explanation with references from the Pentateuch. (1 – 1½ page)

3. Show how a solid understanding of Torah should have guided the Israelites to make wise decisions in the following passages: (4-6 pages) a. Judges 17-18 b. I Chronicles 13:1-14, 15:1-15 c. I Kings 12 d. You might also consider Judges 20, I Samuel 8, and/or II Chronicles 26:16-23 if space allows.

Treat each of the passages in its own section. In each section, summarize the situation in Judges, Chronicles, or Kings, then draw a comparison with one or more of the wilderness rebellions (in Exodus or Numbers), and finally explain how the lesson taught by Exodus or Numbers should have been applied by Israel. It will help to review the rebellions lecture and see your notes for that unit. 4. Explain how an accurate understanding of Torah’s purpose prepares the Christian to live a life governed by the written word of God. (1 page) More info check this page…..https://safehomework.com/subject-theology/topic-3-living-under-the-authority-of-the-written-word-of-god


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