Unit 3 – executive style


If I were appointed chief executive of a law enforcement agency, I would try to implement a combination of the administrator and the top cop style. The administrator is an important and useful executive style because it really focuses on the planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling of the department. I also chose this because I think it is important to encourage further education and training in the work place, because that would give myself and other officers the opportunity to better ourselves as law enforcement officers. The only part about this style that I disagree with is the idea of being a manager first and a police officer second. This is why I would also implement parts of the top cop executive style, as well.

As a chief executive, I would firmly believe in leading by example. I would want to be involved in police operations and I would want to be the type officer I expect my officers to want to emulate. I think it would be hard to have high expectations if I were not actively pursuing those expectations, as well. I also would use parts of this executive style because I believe it would create a better work environment. It would be easier for me to gain the trust and respect of the other employees of the department (211-212).



As a person in charge I would always be fair, firm, and consistent. I want people to treat me like I want to be treated. When you speak on having morales has a lot to do on how you carry yourself in the presents of others. Also as the head chief I would always try to better my agency by making sure my staff are on point by following all guidelines that they should abide by at all times.

I’m no better than anyone else, and with that said we all started from the bottom and worked all the way to the top by paying attention and following policy. Its my duty to take on more responsibility to try and set the pace for the rest of my troops. A leader will always take charge and do things accordingly the way it should be done.





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