United States National Environmental Policy Act


The purpose of this assignment is to provide you the opportunity to understand the regulatory process as it is followed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Students should become familiar with regulation and policy language in order to help educate the public about new regulations being enacted by the EPA. Also, being environmental stewards as well as public health professionals, all should be knowledgeable of the major environmental acts and how they have helped to protect the health of U.S. citizens.

First, go to the Federal government regulations website: http://www.regulations.gov (You may have to type the address into your web browser). Click on the “Learn” tab and read through the policy process. Make sure you click on the five tabs that will guide you through the entire regulatory process.

Then, click on the “Search” tab. Search for an environment-related proposal by typing “environmental protection” in the Search box. You will find both state and federal policies in the review process. Select a current policy that is accepting commentary. Provide a summary of the policy, what rules or standards it is proposing, where, and its overall purpose. If the proposal has a series of questions for you to answer for your comments, please provide the responses to those questions. Otherwise, in one or two paragraphs, provide your written comments on why you support the proposal using evidence to support your statements.

Then, write on the National Environmental Policy Act, define it, and explain how it has helped to ensure a safe environment in the U.S.

The paper should be typed and five (5) pages in length, and follow the APA Style which includes using a cover page, one-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-inch font (Times New Roman, Arial or Verdana) with a reference page.


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