Ways In Which Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Are Each “Monotheistic” Faith Traditions


Describe, compare, and analyze ways in which Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are each “monotheistic” faith traditions.
Thesis/topic/subtopics should relate to any number of the following: What names or designations does each of these faith traditions assign to God? How did the monotheism of each of these faith traditions develop in relation to its older Abrahamic sibling religion(s)? How did the influence of Hellenism help shape monotheistic theology and worship in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? What does it mean that monotheism in Judaism (especially early Judaism) “is more about uniqueness than about number”? What are some the reasons given in the Hebrew scriptures for the Jews worshiping only YHWH among all the other possibilities? What are some of the metaphors and consequences mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures for worshiping other gods? Why and how did the Trinitarian monotheism develop in Christianity? How is monotheism defined in Islam? How does Islamic monotheism distinguish itself from Jewish and especially Christian monotheism?

3-4 pages in length (approx. 1,000 words, not including references, double-spaced, 12 pt., Times New
Roman); several prompts/topics will be listed on eLC for each response paper; students must cite
relevant readings parenthetically or in footnotes (e.g., Chicago, MLA, APA formats)

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