Week 3 Discussion: Peer-Reviewed Article


he purpose of this discussion is for you to become more informed in cost volume profit or variable costing and become familiar with the literature available on the topic.


  • Choose a peer-reviewed article on the topic of Cost Volume Profit or Variable Costing.
  • Create a summary of this article and critically analyze the author’s position.
  • The article summary must be between 300 to 500 words.
  • Provide a link to the article in your post.
  • Reply to at least two of your peers’ article summaries in approximately 200 words addressing the questions:
    • What knowledge did their articles share that you didn’t already know?
    • How might the information in the article assist you in your career?
  • REMEMBER: This is to be a dialog. You are encouraged to respond to each other frequently and not wait until the due dates to post your initial or peer responses.


  • Please refer to the Discussion Rubric in the Rubrics folder in Getting Started.


  • Initial post is due by Thursday, 11:55 PM CT. Peer responses are due by Sunday, 11:55 PM CT.


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